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Specialty treatments

Dr. Kellman is known for his ability to find the ROOT CAUSES of disease and uncover “WHY” you have been feeling so bad for such a long time. Here are services we offer:

Stimulate Hair Cell Growth Naturally with 300 Growth Factors.

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Starting at $700

We utilize a  breakthrough approach in weight loss medication.

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Starting at $700

We provide a custom formulated peptide therapy for weight loss.

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Starting at $700

Is a whole-body immersion system that utilizes very precise, extremely low-level electromagnetic fields.

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Starting at $700

Low-Level Laser Therapy to stimulate and heal hair follicles, which enables them to regrow hair.

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Starting at $700

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Our IV solutions

IV Therapy efficiently infuses potent natural compounds and nutrients directly into your body, aiding cellular and foundational healing, while bypassing the gastrointestinal tract for faster, more efficient absorption of nutrients and other healing compounds into the bloodstream.

How is the Kellman Wellness Center different from an IV cocktail bar?

Although IV lounges have become increasingly popular over the last few years, they do not compare to the diversity of unique compounds that that are available at the Kellman Wellness Center. Further, Dr. Kellman’s expertise in knowing the correct dosages, as well as how best to combine these compounds to ensure the best synergistic effect, is crucial to ensuring successful results. Unlike many of these IV lounges which have a menu of options, Dr. Kellman customizes your IV protocol to meet the specific needs of each patient.

Some of our treatment methods include:

Restoration of the Microbiome

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Targeted Probiotics

Potent IV Nutrient Therapy

 Homeopathic Immunomodulators

Symptoms of Lupus

Painful, inflamed joints


Skin rash, notably a butterfly-shaped rash across the face

Painful or difficult breathing

Who’s at risk?

Anyone can develop lupus, but statistically you are more likely to develop it if you fall into one or more of these populations:

Women 15-44

African American, Asian American, Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American

People with a family history of autoimmune disease.

What causes Lupus?

Imbalanced Microbiome

Environmental Triggers

Genetic Predisposition

How can I treat it?

Our recommended solutions

PEMF Uses the Power of Technology to Harness our Inner Ability to Heal.

Starts at $700

IV Therapy is one of the best ways to infuse powerful natural compounds and nutrients directly into you body and help you to heal at a cellular and foundational level.

Starts at $700

Non-Invasive Therapy to Alleviate Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety.

Starts at $700

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