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      Exosome Therapy NYC

      Regenerative medicine is a new and innovative area of medical treatment. It takes a very different approach to treating injuries and chronic diseases, by using specifically grown tissues, cells, and compounds to amplify our natural healing process, in places where we need it the most.

      It is a promising field, as it may provide a crucial solution to heal previously irreparable tissues. More importantly, it does this by naturally stimulating our body’s own repair mechanisms.

      This is an entirely NEW approach in medicine!

      Stem cell therapy, which has been around for a while, is one of the most common and most well-known areas of regenerative medicine.

      Although stem cell therapy is a highly effective treatment, which is also offered here at the Kellman Wellness Center, exosomes are the latest cutting-edge therapy in this field, and they are showing tremendous promise.

      Exosomes are the next frontier of cell therapy!

      What Are Exosomes?

      Exosomes are small, extracellular vesicles or tiny fluid-filled sacs, which originate in many different types of cells, including stem cells. Exosomes are vital to cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes function as a shuttle carrying proteins, lipids, as well as genetic material to other cells. This cell-to-cell communication, called paracrine signaling, impacts the behavior of the recipient cells.

      Although it is widely accepted that stem cells provide a number of regenerative benefits, recent research has shown that exosomes may also play a vital role in regeneration. Exosomes from young stem cells produce various types of trophic factors or growth factors, which have been shown to aid in the modulation of an overactive immune system, thereby stimulating its function more properly. Exosomes may provide an even greater positive effect by harnessing the power of these trophic factors. The cell line that we source our exosomes from contain 300+ of these growth factors. This can speed up the regenerative and healing benefits for a number of chronic conditions.

      The use of exosomes, either by themselves, or in conjunction with stem cell therapy, has been shown to successfully stimulate the regeneration of tissue, help control inflammation, repair injuries, as well as support the regenerative therapies in the treatment of many chronic diseases. It also shows promise as a powerful anti-aging therapy.

      Exosome Therapy vs. Stem Cell Therapy

      Although related to stem cells, exosome therapy provides some unique benefits. Exosomes are derived from stem cells and therefore, they perform similar functions. However, there is increasing evidence that the use of exosomes may boost the effectiveness of stem cell therapy, as well as provide individual benefits of their own:

      • Exosomes’ tiny size may allow for more widespread circulation and absorption in spaces that are too small for cells to reach.
      • There are some issues with cell survival, associated with stem cells, which is completely eliminated by the use of exosomes.
      • Our natural stems cells become less viable and effective as we age. The use of exosome therapy can compensate for this loss.
      • Naturally antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

      Why Use Exosome Therapy?

      Exosomes are beneficial to the treatment a variety of conditions including:

      • Treatment of injuries and to reduce inflammation, as well as pain
      • Modulation of the immune system and to treat inflammatory/autoimmune conditions
      • Degenerative diseases, including neurological degeneration and cognitive decline
      • Lyme Disease
      • Post-COVID lung therapy
      • Anti-aging treatments
      • Hair loss
      • And many more….

      Exosomes are a highly effective, minimally invasive, and safe treatment for a number of conditions. Multiple studies have shown no inherent risks associated with this treatment.

      Dr. Kellman is an expert in the use of both stem cell and exosome therapy, and he works with each patient to determine the most appropriate course of treatment for addressing their health concerns.

      Call us today at (212) 717-1118 to learn more about whether this therapy is right for you.


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