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      Exosome Therapy NYC

      Regenerative medicine is a highly advanced and ground-breaking area of medical treatment. It takes a very different approach to chronic conditions and treating injuries, by using specifically grown tissues, cells, and compounds to amplify our natural healing process, in places where we need it the most. It does this by naturally stimulating our body’s own repair mechanisms.

      This is an entirely NEW approach to healing at the cellular level.

      Stem cell therapy, which has been around for a while, is one of the most common and most well-known areas of regenerative medicine. However, exosomes are the latest cutting-edge therapy in this field, and they are showing tremendous promise.

      Exosomes are the deepest cellular therapy ever discovered!

      The Kellman Wellness Center is one of the first holistic practices in New York to offer this path-breaking and proven treatment. It can not only change the course of disease, but reverse the cause of disease. This results in healing at the foundational and cellular level and improved health beyond anything we could ever imagine.


      Exosomes are small, extracellular vesicles or tiny fluid-filled sacs, which originate in stem cells. They contain numerous anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating compounds. These natural immune-modulating compounds have the ability to upregulate and downregulate the immune system, as needed, thereby returning it to balance and homeostasis. This is particularly beneficial for people who are dealing with autoimmune conditions or other inflammatory disorders.

      The cell line that we source our exosomes from contains 300+ of these growth factors, which promote powerful healing benefits, as well as cellular rejuvenation and regeneration. Exosomes heal at the deepest cellular level and are vital to cell-to-cell communication.

      There is no comparable drug or treatment in conventional medicine that can match the incredible results and healing power that exosomes provide. It allows us to use the body’s own natural compounds to stimulate the body’s deepest ability to heal itself.

      Further, it provides benefits, even to those who may not be dealing with serious, chronic conditions. Exosome therapy can make you feel healthier, younger, and more vibrant, by boosting your true health potential at the cellular level.

      Are you ready to take your health to a whole new level?

      Call us today at (212) 717-1118 to learn more about this innovative treatment or to schedule your first consultation.

      Exosomes can:

      • Change the course of disease.
      • Heal at the deep cellular level.
      • Improve the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
      • Enhance energy, improve brain function, and increase vibrancy.

      Although related to stem cells, exosome therapy provides some unique benefits:

      Stem cells produce and release exosomes into our bodies. Therefore, stem cell therapy can provide a continuous source of exosomes. However, stem cell therapy is very expensive, takes some time to be effective and there are often issues with cell survival and viability post treatment, which is completely avoided with the use of exosomes.

      Exosomes provide a direct and more targeted benefit; therefore, you see results much quicker! Our exosomes are sourced from young stems cells which contain about three times the growth factors of adult stem cells, which means their higher potency results in faster repair and regeneration of tissue. This allows them to be particularly beneficial when addressing a more acute situation with the goal of stimulating the body to begin to heal itself.

      Exosome Therapy is also much less expensive than traditional stem cell therapy.

      How Is Exosome Therapy Administered?

      Exosome Therapy is a simple and minimally-invasive IV therapy. These small messenger molecules target damaged tissue in order to heal cell-to-cell communication.

      Exosome Therapy is a highly safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment for a variety of conditions and health concerns. There is no downtime and limited to no reported side effects. Further, multiple scientific studies have confirmed there are no inherent risks associated with this treatment.

      Conditions that Benefit from Exosome Therapy:

      Although exosomes can be used to treat a wide variety of conditions, in Dr. Kellman’s experience, they are particularly beneficial for treating:

      • Autoimmune Diseases
      • Inflammatory Conditions, including Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, and Brain-related Symptoms
      • Neurological and Neurodegenerative Diseases, including Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (M.S.) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
      • Cognitive Decline, including brain fog, as well as impaired memory, focus and mental sharpness.
      • Chronic Gastrointestinal Conditions, including Leaky Gut Syndrome
      • Neurological Lyme
      • Cardiovascular Disease (i.e., atherosclerosis, arrythmia, post heart attack rejuvenation)
      • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
      • Post Stroke Recovery and Neurological Rejuvenation and Regeneration
      • Developmental Disorders


      • How long does it take?
        • Each session takes about 45 minutes.
      • Does it hurt?
        • Beyond a small needle prick, you should not experience any pain or discomfort during your session.
      • How often do I need this treatment?
        • Most patients benefit from just one treatment. However, we recommend a consultation every 9-12 months to determine if you would benefit from additional treatments.
      • How long before I see results?
        • Results vary from patient to patient. Some patients feel better right after their treatment, however most experience the full benefits of this therapy by about 4 months post treatment.
        • When used in conjunction with several of our other technology-based treatments, such as NovoThor Red Light Therapy and Magnesphere, as well as our high-potency IV-therapy, results can be significantly improved.
        • No other center offers the expertise in personalizing treatment plans specifically for your needs. 

      Call us today at (212) 717-1118 to learn more about whether this therapy is right for you.



      Kellman Wellness Center
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