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      Long Haul COVID-19 Doctor NYC

      Long Haul Covid Doctor New York, NY

      If you are one of the 10 to 25% of people who experience lingering health complications after having COVID-19, the good news is we offer the most advanced post-COVID treatment options to bring you back to optimal health.

      It’s essential to address your symptoms with a holistic functional medicine doctor if you are still experiencing health complications after COVID-19. Lasting COVID symptoms could lead to further complications down the road if not treated.

      Because research is still ongoing, many doctors are unfamiliar with how to treat long-haul COVID-19 symptoms, making it challenging to find the right provider with adequate knowledge and experience.

      At the Kellman Wellness Center, we are highly versed in the latest diagnostics and treatment options for long COVID. We have successfully treated patients in the New York City area struggling with long-haul COVID-19 symptoms.

      Recover your health at one of the top wellness clinics in NYC for long-haul COVID-19 symptoms. Please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to set up your first consultation.

      What is long-haul COVID-19?

      Even if you experience mild COVID-19 symptoms, you are still at risk for long-haul COVID-19 or Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 (PASC). Post-COVID condition is defined as returning or lingering COVID symptoms or a wide range of new health problems occurring more than four weeks after your initial infection of COVID-19.

      What are the symptoms of long-haul COVID-19?

      If you had COVID-19 weeks or months ago but are still not feeling well, you may be dealing with something more serious such as long-haul COVID-19. Symptoms of long-haul COVID-19 may be similar to other chronic health conditions making it vital to seek a proper diagnosis. Additionally, you may have had an underlying condition that was triggered from having COVID-19.

      If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to set up your first consultation to work with Dr. Kellman, a leading physician in NYC.

      • Fatigue
      • Brain fog
      • Shortness of breath
      • Loss of sense of taste or smell
      • Sluggishness
      • Mild cognitive decline
      • Difficulty concentrating
      • Fevers
      • Headaches
      • Dizziness
      • Trouble sleeping
      • Excessive sweating
      • Bladder issues
      • Kidney damage
      • Nausea
      • Anxiety
      • Cough
      • Heart conditions including inflammation, irregular heartbeat, or fast or slow heart rate
      • Blood clots in the lungs, veins, or any other blood-clotting condition
      • Diarrhea
      • Changes in the menstrual cycle
      • New prediabetes or diabetes
      • New thyroid disorder

      How is long-haul COVID-19 diagnosed?

      At our wellness clinic in NYC, we find that many patients were healthy prior to their initial COVID infection; however, now they are experiencing extreme fatigue and other debilitating symptoms. Whether this is you or you are still struggling with lingering complications from being sick, an accurate diagnosis is critical.

      Unfortunately, standard testing may not pick up on the underlying issues you may be dealing with. Working with a doctor who treats long COVID, such as Dr. Kellman, will ensure you are getting to the bottom of why you are still feeling unwell or experiencing new symptoms after COVID-19.

      At the Kellman Wellness Center, we uncover the root cause of long COVID symptoms through innovative diagnostics that are able to go beyond standard testing and measure cytokines. Your immune system naturally produces cytokines, but when there are too many, they can lower your immune system and cause damage to cells and organs. If you have excess cytokines, this is a good indication that you are dealing with PASC. Research shows that cytokine levels are elevated during COVID and even more so in long-haul COVID-19 patients.

      Treatment for long-haul COVID-19

      Don’t wait to see an experienced long-haul COVID physician, even if your lingering symptoms are mild. Post-COVID can negatively affect your microbiome and gut health which may further lead to autoimmune disease.

      At the Kellman Wellness Center, we treat long COVID-19 with the most progressive treatment therapies to restore balance and recover your health. We treat every patient with a personalized approach ensuring treatments are tailored to your specific body and health conditions.

      Your treatment for long COVID-19 symptoms may include the following:

      • Target cytokines to reduce the inflammatory response and boost the immune system.
      • Reduce inflammation and modulate hyperimmune response with new peptide Thymulin - a version of Thymosin and most essential exosomes.
      • Address any low thyroid disorders with TRH testing. We often find low thyroid in long-hail patients.
      • Fix the microbiome to restore good bacteria through targeted natural compounds and nutritional therapy.
      • IV Therapy - especially Glutathione to restore vitamin and mineral levels and enhance the immune system to fight off infections. Glutathione and phosphatidylcholine cross the blood-brain barrier.
      • Exosome therapy to regenerate cells, jumpstart the immune system, and bring down inflammation. We use a myriad of antioxidants that cross the blood-brain barrier, which not all practitioners do, making this treatment very powerful.
      • Improve autonomic dysfunction with Magnasphere Therapy.
      • Utilize infrared light, which has been shown to improve symptoms of long-haul COVID. We use the Novothor Red Light Therapy.
      • Ozone IV therapy combined with UVB light optimizes cellular oxygen, detoxifies the liver and directs your immune system to eradicate specific infections within your body.

      Supplementation for long-haul COVID-19

      In addition to your tailored treatment plan, we may recommend supplementation to aid healing. Dr. Kellman has extensively researched the gut/brain connection and the importance of your microbiome and utilizes high-quality prebiotics and probiotics to heal your gut and decrease inflammation. He may also recommend any of the following steps and supplements to bring you to complete healing from long-haul COVID.

      • Improve mitochondrial dysfunction with carnitine, ubiquinol, alpha-ketoglutarate, oxaloacetate, and additional supplements.
      • Reduce brain inflammation with Astaxanthin and a highly bioavailable form of Luteolin. Both supplements cross the blood-brain barrier.
      • Improve brain oxygenation and energy production and reduce free radicals with Methylene blue.
      • Utilize Peptides including Dihexa, Cerebrolysin, Semax, and Ipamorelin
      • Improve brain energy with creatine, SeroLastin, and additional supplements for brain health.
      • Reduce inflammation with MSM, a powerful anti-inflammatory compound.
      • Reduce micro-clots with Nattokinase and Lumbrokinase enzymes.
      • Introduce the right herbal immune modulators that target specific cytokines (messenger molecules of the immune system that are too high in long covid). Some herbs target TNF while others target IL-6, etc.
      • Heal the microbiome with prebiotics and probiotics, including Butyrate. Research suggests that healing the microbiome with targeted probiotics that modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation is vital.

      Request Your Consultation Today!

      Long-haul COVID-19 is a serious condition that can deteriorate your health and cause further complications if not treated by an experienced COVID physician. Proper diagnosis is important to ensure we are treating the root of your symptoms.

      If you are still struggling with COVID-19 symptoms weeks or months later or have had new symptoms arise after your initial COVID infection, it’s time to consult one of the top holistic physicians in NYC.

      Please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to set up your first appointment!


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