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      Lyme Disease Specialist NYC

      Many of the symptoms of Lyme disease are due to the overactive response of the immune system, which causes inflammation throughout the body. This inflammation can be intense, and can cause many different symptoms. Research shows that reducing inflammation is an essential component of healing from Lyme disease. When the immune system is overactive, not only can it cause damage and symptoms, but it can also weaken immune function. This makes it very difficult for the immune system to overcome infections. This leads to a vicious cycle.


      Lyme Disease Specialist NYC

      Our Lyme treatment protocol reduces and modulates the immune system by using a combination of many powerful tools:

      • Natural compounds
      • Herbs
      • Intravenous IV therapy
      • The novel compound Phenylbutyrate, which reduces inflammation, improves brain function and brain fog
      • UVB Intravenous Light Therapy which has an anti-microbial effect, balances the immune system and reduces inflammation
      • Magnesphere – to improve the autonomic nervous system at the deepest level


      When one has Lyme disease, invariably there were risk factors that led to this problem, such has hypothyroidism, that’s been missed by routine testing and alterations of the microbiome. Additionally when one develops Lyme and co-infections, one develops secondarily a low thyroid and microbiome dysfunction.

      Alterations to the microbiome are another component of both the cause, and the effect, of Lyme disease. In treating Lyme, we work to repair, restore and rebalance the microbiome, which is essential in order to reverse inflammation. Dr. Kellman pioneered the term “Microbiome Medicine” and has written numerous bestselling books on the subject.

      One of the many components of microbiome medicine includes finding personalized probiotics, based on your particular bacteria. Probiotics can be a powerful tool for overall health, but they are not “one size fits all.” We find precisely which formula—which bacterial strains—you need in order to heal your microbiome so that it can thrive.

      Click here for more information on the microbiome.


      Our comprehensive treatment—and deep understanding of how Lyme impacts so many other functions—can help you finally feel better. In addition to the “classic” Lyme symptoms such as chills, fatigue, joint pain, headaches, we know that there are other symptoms which can be harder to explain, including:

      • Feeling of electrical currents throughout the body
      • A strange “creepy crawly” sensation
      • Head pressure
      • Poor brain function
      • Dizziness
      • The sensation of “being out of your own body”

      Unfortunately some doctors—when hearing those complaints, don’t always believe you.

      The symptoms of Lyme are different than the symptoms of the co-infections, yet we need to clinically distinguish which symptoms are which in order for a successful treatment. Dr. Kellman typically does not start treatment with antibiotics except for in acute cases and where otherwise necessary. Unfortunately, too many doctors prescribe too many antibiotics which lead to further inflammation and increased damage to the microbiome.


      If you have Lyme, or think you might have Lyme, please call us today at (212) 717-1118.

      If you had Lyme previously, but are still suffering with any residual symptoms—even years later—please call us, as Lyme and inflammation can continue to cause damage to your system. We can help.


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