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      Parkinsons Disease Specialist NYC

      Parkinson's Disease Doctor NYC

      An estimated 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's every year. If you are one of them, you know how debilitating symptoms can be, making it difficult to function daily.

      Many patients diagnosed with Parkinson's feel their only option for treatment is to mask symptoms with medication, which may only hinder them from healing on a deeper level.

      At the Kellman Wellness Center in NYC, we believe in taking a functional approach, treating the individual with tailored therapies that target the root cause of your condition.

      Harness the power of nature + technology; augment + accelerate your body's ability to heal.

      To learn more about Dr. Kellman's functional medicine approach to treating Parkinson's Disease, call today to speak with one of our specialists. Please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to set up your first consultation.

      Parkinson's Disease Specialist New York, NY

      What is Parkinson's Disease?

      Parkinson's Disease is a progressive neurological disorder that affects the nerve cells responsible for producing dopamine in your brain. When your dopamine levels decrease, you experience abnormal brain activity, resulting in Parkinson's disease symptoms. You experience disruptions to your central nervous system affecting movement, including tremors, stiffness, loss of balance, and slow movement.

      Past conventional doctors may have painted a grim outcome for your diagnosis with few options and no real answers. Fortunately, Dr. Kellman has helped many NYC patients struggling with Parkinson's decrease their symptoms and live fully functional lives. It just takes getting to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms.

      What causes Parkinson's Disease?

      Many times, there is a genetic link for patients diagnosed with Parkinson's. Sometimes Parkinson's is triggered by an injury, another medical condition, or environmental factors. It is vital to address all components in order to get an accurate diagnosis, including the potential factors below:

      • Heavy metals
      • Viruses
      • Toxicity levels
      • Lyme disease
      • Mold
      • Thyroid disorders
      • Other conditions

      What are the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease?

      Parkinson's Disease can be quite debilitating and cause a wide variety of different symptoms. Your nervous system plays a vital role in many body functions and systems. If you have Parkinson's Disease, you may be experiencing any of the following:

      • Anxiety and depression
      • Confusion or cognitive changes
      • Decreased alertness
      • Loss of balance and coordination
      • Memory loss
      • Muscle weakness
      • Numbness
      • Pain
      • Partial or complete paralysis
      • Problems with positional awareness
      • Tingling or prickling
      • Stiffness and limited movement in limbs
      • Slow movement
      • Little to no facial expression
      • Soft, slurred or stuttered speech

      If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms and want to work with a leading Parkinson's physician in New York City, call to book your consultation today!

      We are ready to guide you back to optimal health! Please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to set up a consultation.

      Parkinson's Testing

      At the Kellman Wellness Center, we prioritize uncovering the root cause of your condition by utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostics.

      We go deeper than traditional doctors and our testing ensures we pinpoint the specific factors contributing to your symptoms.

      We then treat you accordingly with the best evidence-based and science-based therapies to help you heal. We believe in treating you as an individual with tailored treatment plans that fit your needs.


      First, we look at your microbiome, testing for bacterial overgrowth and inflammation.

      After treating any gut disruptions with diet, targeted herbs, and other supplements, we will then use autonomic response testing to detect any yeast or parasites.

      Additionally, we use the TRH Stimulation Test to test for low thyroid.

      Treatment for Parkinson's Disease NYC

      We are proud to offer our NYC patients all of the latest based modalities and treatment options for Parkinson's Disease and other neurological conditions.

      By combining the power of nature and technology, we can successfully treat patients struggling with Parkinson's symptoms. Depending on your particular condition, we may recommend any of the following treatments based on what we find during the thorough testing process.

      • TMS Therapy
      • Exosome Therapy (reduces inflammation, rejuvenates and regenerates cells)
      • Cutting-edge herbal therapy
      • Novel compounds + supplements (methylene blue, nootropics, huperzine, Alpha GPC, CDP-Choline, and many others) to provide oxygenation, mitochondria regeneration, and more.
      • Bredesen Protocol
      • Peptides (semax, cerebrolysin, dihexa, and others)
      • Brain Photobiomodulation

      Request Your Consultation Today!

      Don't let a Parkinson's diagnosis stop you from living your life to the fullest. There are other alternative options besides medicine that have been proven to improve symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

      Dr. Kellman is a leading Functional Neurologist in NYC who is dedicated to your healing. Call today to set up your first consultation! Please call our office at (212) 717-1118 or contact us online.


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