Dr. Raphael Kellman, the leader in microbiome medicine offers a revelatory guide to the gut-thyroid connection, with cutting-edge information and a 30-day Thyroid Rescue Program in his brand new book MICROBIOME THYROID.

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      Dr. Kellman and Dr. Steven Gundry

      September 15, 2019

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      Learn about gluten and lectins, and how they impact our health, our mood, our microbiome, and ultimately, our longevity.

      Dr. Raphael Kellman, the founder of “Microbiome Medicine” has an in-depth conversation with Dr. Steven Gundry, a renowned cardiac surgeon who now runs his own clinic, the Global Wellness Institute.

      Dr. Gundry discusses lectins, a type of plant protein found in numerous foods, and how they can cause inflammation resulting in many modern diseases. In this powerful talk with Dr. Kellman, Dr. Gundry goes into extreme detail about microbiome culprits (in addition to lectins and gluten), and what steps one can take today to regain their health.

      Learn more about Dr. Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox:

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