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      Better Nutrition

      Building a Good Gut

      Click here to read the full article. This piece highlights the benefits of probiotics for maintaining a healthy gut, as well as their benefit in treating a variety of health concerns. Within the article Dr. Kellman discusses how probiotics help the microbiome, as well as provides some tips on additional ways to establish and maintain a healthy microbiome. Specifically, Dr. Kellman discusses how gut bacteria have far-reaching effects on numerous aspects of our physiology: “They play a vast role in neurological function, gastrointestinal health, and the health of the gut wall, which plays a critical role in nutrient absorption and blocking absorption of toxins.”

      Along with being quoted in the main story, a list of “Gut-Friendly Foods” is included as a sidebar feature, and includes Dr. Kellman’s top picks for probiotic and prebiotic-rich foods. Probiotic foods include: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Kefir, and Yogurt made from sheep’s or goat’s milk; Prebiotic foods include: Asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke, Garlic, and Jicama.

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