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      The New Diets to Try Now.

      Read the full article here. The piece highlights three “buzzed-about weight-loss programs,” one being The Microbiome Diet, all of which “promise to help you slim down and boost your energy.” Within the roundup, a brief description of the diet, along with a quick pros/cons commentary on the diet are mentioned. For example, the author notes, “[The Microbiome Diet] encourages you to adhere to a diet rich in probiotics from fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut) and eliminate those that have ‘unhealthy bacteria.'” The pros of this diet, according to Dr. Kellman includes: “After the initial three-week phase, you’re allowed to reintroduce many foods – eggs, gluten-free whole grains, sweet potatoes, and some dairy – and ultimately you should try to stick to this phase of the diet 70 percent of the time.”

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