Dr. Raphael Kellman, the leader in microbiome medicine offers a revelatory guide to the gut-thyroid connection, with cutting-edge information and a 30-day Thyroid Rescue Program in his brand new book MICROBIOME THYROID.

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      Real Simple

      Real Simple

      February 27, 2020

      5 Foods to Avoid for a Happy, Healthy Gut Microbiome

      Dr. Kellman discusses foods to avoid for a healthy and balanced microbiome.

      He notes how “research has shown that all roads lead to the health of our gut microbiome – our well-being depends on it…They are intimately connected to all aspects of health greatly impacting mood, metabolism, immune function, digestion, hormones, inflammation, and even gene expression.

      He then goes on to outline five foods to avoid, including sugar: “Sugar is known to nourish disruptive strains and yeast, allowing them to overgrow exceeding a healthy percentage of the microbiome.

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