Dr. Raphael Kellman, the leader in microbiome medicine offers a revelatory guide to the gut-thyroid connection, with cutting-edge information and a 30-day Thyroid Rescue Program in his brand new book MICROBIOME THYROID.

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      The Microbiome Diet and the Power of Peptides

      The Future of Telemedicine is Being Shaped Right Now—Here’s How it’s Already Adapting

      May 12, 2020

      In the piece, Dr. Kellman discusses how doctors have been adapting to telemedicine due to COVID-19. For example, he explains how virtual appointments can have severe limitations, including not being able to take a patient’s blood or basic vital signs or do a hands-on physical exam among them.

      He goes on to add how, aside from the physical component, there’s the personal side to consider, too: “We’re going to be living in a two-dimensional world – that’s not only going to affect the doctor-patient relationship, but normal social interaction will change…The lack of human, 3-D connection is going to have a profound effect on us psychologically and existentially.”

      Read the article here.

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