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      Healing the Root Cause of Your Thyroid Problem

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      Thyroid disfunction is a common condition. The thyroid gland is often considered the "Master Gland" as it primarily regulates our metabolism, as well as our energy level, which affects all the organs in the body. Thyroid hormone is used by nearly every cell in the body!

       Women are five to eight times more likely than men to have a thyroid problem and it is estimated that one in eight will develop a thyroid disorder in her lifetime.

      At the same time, it is one of the most frequently MISDIAGNOSED conditions.

      Sadly, is estimated that up to 60% of people with thyroid dysfunction are completely unaware of their condition, which means that there are likely MILLIONS of people suffering, yet either being treated incorrectly or not being treated at all.

      It is a common story and one we hear EVERYDAY at the Kellman Wellness Center. Many patients come to us after they have been experiencing classic symptoms of thyroid dysfunction like fatigue, brain fog and unexplained weight gain, yet doctor after doctor has told them their thyroid is perfectly fine and there is nothing wrong with them.

      Unfortunately, the routine tests used to assess thyroid function are limited and often insufficient for proper diagnosis. These patients fall through the cracks and are being failed by conventional medicine. Are you tired of feeling awful and being offered no answers? Or that your symptom are all in your mind?

      WE HEAR YOU!

      What makes the Kellman Wellness Center unique?

      Dr. Kellman does a better thyroid test!

      Dr. Kellman uses a different test called the TRH Stimulation Test, which can detect low thyroid often missed by normal lab tests.

      The TRH Stimulation Test is the ONE test you should not go without!

      The TRH Stimulation Test is by far the best way to not only diagnose thyroid conditions, but also monitor treatment and ensure the most effective, as well as the correct type of medication is being used. Most doctors, including functional and holistic practitioners do not use this test. Dr. Kellman has been using this test for many years and it has been a gamechanger for his patients.

      Dr. Kellman is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid dysfunction. Many of his patients come to him after they have exhausted all other avenues of medical treatment and have been suffering without relief for years, and in many cases are being treated for other conditions related to their symptoms, like depression or chronic fatigue. Yet by not treating the root cause for the symptoms, namely a poor functioning thyroid, these symptoms persist.

      Dr. Kellman has treated people from all over the country and all over the world – untold numbers of people have finally been able to be healed, thanks to Dr. Kellman’s unique testing and treatment protocols.

      The choice is between staying sick and getting better.

      Are you ready to FINALLY feel better?


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      Why is the conventional thyroid testing approach so flawed?

      There are two main problems with the routine thyroid testing approach:

      • Thyroid hormone levels fluctuate so a transient low level may be missed. Further, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is a common marker used to assess thyroid function, however there are many conditions which can cause TSH to remain low, thereby masking the underlying thyroid dysfunction.
      • The “normal range” is somewhat arbitrary. Dr. Kellman’s approach is that everyone’s “normal range” may be slightly different and therefore you need to look at these blood results taking symptoms into consideration.

      Further, symptoms appear well before the thyroid dysfunction is apparent on the routine thyroid panels.

      Symptoms of Thyorid Disease

      Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

      • Fatigue / low energy
      • Inexplicable weight gain or the inability to lose weight
      • Poor memory
      • Brain fog
      • Inability to concentrate
      • Difficulty sleeping
      • Constipation or other GI issues
      • Irregular periods / infertility
      • Hair Loss
      • Depression, anxiety or other mood changes
      • Cold intolerance
      • Tingling and numbness
      • Body aches or joint pain
      • Unexplained Symptoms (which may include feeling “old” or “off,” a sluggish metabolism, skin issues, etc.)

      You may only be experiencing a few of these symptoms, yet still be dealing with thyroid dysfunction.

      If you are dealing with any of the above symptoms, call today to speak with a top-rated thyroid specialist in New York City. Call (212) 717-1118 or contact us online.

      Types of Thyroid Conditions

      The thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland located in the front part of the next, just under the Adam’s apple. The thyroid gland produces 2 types of thyroid hormone, T4 (thyroxine) which is converted to the more active form, T3 (triiodothyronine). 

      Main Thyroid Conditions:

      • Hypothyroidism results when an unactive thyroid fails to produce enough of these thyroid hormones. Alternatively, some people have issues converting T4 to T3, which can also result in a state of hypothyroidism. Given that thyroid hormone works on nearly every cell in the body, this condition results in the body’s processes all slowing down. One of the most common forms of hypothyroidism is an autoimmune condition called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
      • Hyperthyroidism is a condition whereby the thyroid gland is producing too much thyroid hormone, which results in an accelerated rate of metabolism. This also includes Graves’ Disease, which is an autoimmune condition, which results in hyperthyroidism. Common symptoms include weight loss, heart palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure and GI issues like diarrhea.
      • Non-Thyroidal Illness Syndrome (NTIS) is a condition where the levels of T3 and/or T4 are abnormal, but the thyroid gland does not appear to be dysfunctional. This is also commonly missed by doctors, as many doctors are not even aware of it nor understand how to diagnose or treat it. Patients often suffer from the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction; however, they are commonly misdiagnosed and therefore not properly treated.

      How Does the TRH Stimulation Test Work?

      The TRH Stimulation Test works in a similar way to a stress test for the heart. Conventional thyroid tests simply assess the circulating levels of various thyroid hormones and other markers in the blood at a point in time. Similar to an EKG, which assess the electrical signals of the heart at rest.

      When the thyroid is functioning properly, once circulating levels of thyroid hormone in the blood are dip below a certain level, the pituitary gland releases TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone), which in turn stimulates the thyroid gland to release thyroid hormone. However, in people with a low functioning thyroid, this communication is often impaired, resulting in the pituitary storing excess TSH.

      Therefore. like the stress test of the heart, which create a situation where the heart has to work harder to better assess it’s health, the TRH Stimulation Test actually stimulates the pituitary gland to release any stored TSH, rather than just passively assessing circulating levels. High levels of TSH upon stimulation of the pituitary are indicative of a low functioning thyroid.

      This results in a much more accurate method of testing, thereby allowing patients, who might have otherwise had their low thyroid function missed, to be properly diagnosed.

      We offer the BEST thyroid testing available. The ONLY testing that will give you an accurate diagnostic.

      Our superior thyroid testing methods have changed people’s lives; it can change yours too.

      Click here to ask us about thyroid testing available at our New York clinic.

      What causes Thyroid Disease?

      There may also be other contributing factors which are impacting the health of your thyroid or may be the root cause of your thyroid dysfunction, namely:

      • Exposure to heavy metals and other environmental toxins
      • Underlying viral infections
      • Microbiome imbalances / gut dysbiosis and leaky gut
      • Chronic stress
      • Adverse childhood experiences
      • Other hormone imbalances
      • Certain medications

      Treating Thyroid Disease at Kellman Wellness Center

      Beyond a more precise and effective testing methodology, Dr. Kellman’s approach to each and every patient is to develop a customized and personalized protocol which addresses each patient’s condition and specific symptoms, which results in a much more successful outcome.

      The Kellman Wellness Center offers a variety of specialized and unique treatments, which when used in the correct combination can produce highly effective results. Dr. Kellman’s expertise allows his customize a protocol to directly address the root cause of the thyroid dysfunction, to both reverse the condition, as well as resolve symptoms so you will feel better.

      Why work with Dr. Kellman for your thyroid disorder?

      Much of Dr. Kellman's success at healing his patients is due to the innovative and unique treatment options available at the Kellman Wellness Center. These include:

      • Compounded and/or Armour thyroid hormone, which includes both types of thyroid hormone (T4 and T3). Most of the commonly prescribed thyroid medications (i.e., Synthroid) only contains T4, which is the inactive form. This is not as effective, as T4 must be converted to the active form of T3 and many people with thyroid dysfunction have conversion issues.
      • Natural compounds and nutraceuticals which aid with reducing inflammation, the root cause of many chronic conditions, including thyroid dysfunction.
      • Targeted probiotics, which includes specific strains of bacteria used in the appropriate combination to rebalance the gut microbiome.
      • Specific antioxidants which target inflammation and help to counter oxidative damage of the cells.
      • IV therapies deliver specific nutrients and natural compounds directly into the blood stream, making them much more effective.
        • Several of the compounds used can cross the blood brain barrier to directly target and resolve inflammation and brain fog.
      • Peptide therapy allows us to supplement small, naturally occurring proteins which are produced by the body as signaling molecules, meaning they are crucial to cell-to-cell communication. This means they can used to re-activate cells which have gone dormant or cells that need a boost to get the back to their full functionality.
      • Magnesphere helps to enable the body's ability to enter its "parasympathetic state," which reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and is the body's natural healing state.
      • Nutrition and lifestyle support, including The Microbiome Diet, which is specifically focused on supporting and balancing the gut microbiome, so that it thrives and flourishes. Knowing that the issues with gut microbiome, even without any GI symptoms, is often the root cause of many chronic conditions, including thyroid disease.

      These innovative and unique treatments are most effective when they are appropriately combined, which provides powerful synergic effects. Our goal is to use these therapies to activate and accelerate the body’s own ability to heal itself.

      Dr. Kellman’s expertise and unique therapeutic approach offers the solution our patients have been searching for.



      Additionally, be sure to check out some of his most well-known publications regarding thyroid health. Dr. Kellman is the author of many life-changing books, including Microbiome Thyroid and Vibrant Thyroid, Vibrant Health, and Hormone Balance and Thyroid Disease.

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