Dr. Raphael Kellman, the leader in microbiome medicine offers a revelatory guide to the gut-thyroid connection, with cutting-edge information and a 30-day Thyroid Rescue Program in his brand new book MICROBIOME THYROID.

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      Healing the Root Cause of Your Thyroid Problem

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      You’re tired and dealing with debilitating symptoms such as brain fog or weight gain. Doctors tell you your blood work is normal, but you feel anything but normal. So you continue searching for answers and trying new doctors, yet your health deteriorates. If this sounds familiar, you may be dealing with a thyroid disorder.

      Unfortunately, we hear this story too often. An estimated 20 million Americans have some form of thyroid disease, with up to 60 percent of those individuals completely unaware of their condition. However, many are not properly tested and this number is likely much higher.

      These patients fall through the medical cracks due to poor thyroid testing or have yet to find a doctor who truly strives to uncover the root cause of their symptoms. These are the people who conventional medicine is failing.

      You DESERVE answers and the opportunity to heal with one of the leading thyroid specialists in New York. Dr. Kellman is the expert and a pioneer in thyroid conditions who will lead you to optimal wellness by uncovering the root cause of your condition and providing you with the path to healing.

      Have you been going from doctor to doctor and can’t find a solution?

      It’s time for answers, and it’s time to heal with Dr. Kellman and his highly trained team of thyroid specialists. Call (212) 717-1118 or contact us online to schedule your first consultation.

      Symptoms of Thyorid Disease

      Do you have any of these thyroid symptoms?

      • Fatigue
      • Weight Gain
      • Poor Memory
      • Brain Fog
      • Poor Concentration
      • Difficulty Sleeping
      • Constipation
      • Irregular Periods
      • Hair Loss
      • Depression
      • Cold Intolerance
      • Tingling and Numbness
      • Joint and Muscle Pain
      • Unexplained Symptoms (which might include aches, pains, feeling “old” or “off,” sluggish metabolism, skin problems)

      If you are dealing with any of the above symptoms, call today to speak with a top-rated thyroid specialist in New York City. Call (212) 717-1118 or contact us online.

      Types of Thyroid Conditions

      Millions of people in the United States have thyroid disease, both autoimmune (in which the body’s own immune system attacks the thyroid) and non-autoimmune. Different iterations of thyroid disease include:

      • Hashimoto’s disease (autoimmune hypothyroidism)
      • Graves’ disease (autoimmune hyperthyroidism)
      • Non-autoimmune thyroid imbalances. In addition, pregnancy and menopause can also affect thyroid function.

      How do we determine which type of thyroid disorder you are dealing with?

      TRH Stimulation Test for Thyroid Disease

      The right diagnosis is essential. Many people never receive accurate or thorough testing, or their results are being compared to outdated reference ranges. If you are not working with an experienced thyroid specialist such as Dr. Kellman, you, too, may be getting inaccurate results.

      And while most doctors believe Hashimoto’s is the main cause of low thyroid, Dr. Kellman argues that it’s actually endocrine disruptors that cause low thyroid.

      Based on Dr. Kellman’s groundbreaking TRH Stimulation Test, thousands of people have been diagnosed with low thyroid even though their previous tests were normal. Only the TRH Stimulation Test detects low thyroid missed by routine tests.

      We offer the BEST thyroid testing available. The ONLY testing that will give you an accurate diagnostic.

      Our superior thyroid testing methods have changed people’s lives; it can change yours too.

      Click here to ask us about thyroid testing available at our New York clinic.

      What causes Thyroid Disease?

      One or more of the following may be a contributing factor to your thyroid disease.

      • Viral
      • Mold
      • Heavy metals
      • Toxins
      • H. pylori
      • Gut
      • Biome
      • Stressor
      • Life experiences
      • Adverse childhood experiences
      • Iodine deficiencies
      • Endocrine disruptors

      Treating Thyroid Disease at Kellman Wellness Center

      Dr. Kellman and our team of thyroid specialists focus on reviewing your symptoms and finding the root causes. We promise you will always feel heard at Kellman Wellness Center, where we truly listen to all of your concerns as well as review your complete medical history.

      The first step in treating Hashimoto’s and other thyroid conditions is to understand that endocrine disruptors are everywhere:

      • Personal hygiene products
      • Poultry
      • Antibiotics
      • PPI’s and other medications
      • Birth Control Pills
      • Processed foods

      …and the list goes on and on.

      These disruptors cause inflammation which can produce antibodies to attack your own tissue, including your thyroid, and disrupt the healthy flora in your microbiome, which can lead to Hashimoto’s. Although research shows the connection between the microbiome and the thyroid, many doctors overlook this critical component of your health.

      First, we must eliminate as many endocrine disruptors as possible. Then, Dr. Kellman will create a tailored treatment plan specific to your body to repair and restore the microbiome which has been damaged.

      Why work with Dr. Kellman for your thyroid disorder?

      Dr. Kellman has helped countless patients in the New York area and worldwide uncover the root cause of their symptoms and heal from the uncomfortable effects of thyroid disease. He is internationally known for his expertise in what has been proven to be the most accurate thyroid test, the TRH Stimulation Test.

      When you heal with us, you get:

      • World-class expertise in diagnosing and treating thyroid disorders
      • RH Stimulation Test- the number 1 thyroid test for accuracy.
      • Advanced treatment protocols that may include targeted probiotics, potent IV therapy, and natural compounds to boost the immune system
      • An understanding of the root cause of your condition

      Additionally, be sure to check out some of his most well-known publications regarding thyroid health. Dr. Kellman is the author of many life-changing books, including Microbiome Thyroid and Vibrant Thyroid, Vibrant Health, and Hormone Balance and Thyroid Disease.

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      Watch Dr. Raphael Kellman discuss the Importance of the TRH Stimulation Test.


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