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      What You Need to Know About the Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Craze.

      The piece focuses on pink Himalayan salt, what it is and why it has become so trendy/popular in recent years. Within the article Dr. Rahav weighs in on the subject, specifically on its environmental purity: “These salt deposits deep within the Himalayan mountains have been there for roughly 250 million years (back when there was a sea there!)."

      She goes on to note, “It’s very old, unrefined, crystallized sea salt from before we had the chance to do damage to the chemical balance of the seas. It’s a much better alternative to table salt.” Dr. Rahav is credited within the piece as, “Dr. Miriam Rahav, an internal and functional medicine specialist at The Kellman Center,” and a direct link to the Kellman Center website is hyperlinked within.

      Click here to read the full article.

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