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Raphael Kellman, MD

Healing at the foundational level.

Dr. Raphael Kellman is a best selling author and pioneer in functional and microbiome medicine.

Symptoms we treat.

Many of our patients come to us for a wide variety of unexplained symptoms. Perhaps you've been to several doctors and still don't feel well. The Kellman Wellness Center has helped tens of thousands of patients finally find the answers - and we can help you too.



Brain Fog



Weight Gain

We find the root cause of your conditions

Long-Haul Covid-19

Thyroid Conditions

Chronic Fatigue

Neurodegenerative Diseases

Autoimmune Conditions


Gastrointestinal Conditions

Chronic Pain

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Mold Toxicity

Unexplained Symptoms

Weight Loss


The healing process.

We have one goal - to treat with you compassion so you can become symptom free become your best you on all dimensions of the human being.


We want to know your story and really get to know who you are.



We use more accurate tests that can finally uncover the causes of your medical condition commonly missed by routine tests.


Dr. Kellman's extensive experience broad vision and knowledge provides a unique ability to explain the causes of your symptoms and come up with the diagnosis. 


 We develop personalized treatment plans that will improve your symptoms and heal you at the deepest level.


Meet Dr. Raphael Kellman

Dr. Kellman's vast experience, expertise and intuition provide him with a unique vantage point from which he is able to help people heal and truly change the course of so many lives. He is a pioneer and leader in functional medicine who coined the term "Microbiome Medicine." He has developed hundreds of treatment protocols based on microbiome health, which is the orchestrator of all of the body's systems.


Exclusive specialty treatments.

We offer personalized, evidence-based therapies, including state-of-the-art technologies, to allow for an effective and comprehensive treatment approach for each of our patients.


See what our patients have to say.

Each visit leaves me more educated in health and wellness. The Kellman center is professional, caring and advanced in treatments that most doctors do not have. They are truly the medicine of tomorrow!

I've been a patient of Dr. Kellman's since 2015. He was the only doctor that listened to me & did not dismiss me & the medical issues I was facing at the time. While under his care, I conceived twice and gave birth to my 2 sons. This is something many OBs told me I'd have problems doing. Additionally, he is the only doctor I trust to oversee my thyroid & autoimmune issues. I am always recommending Dr. Kellman to my closest friends and family members. He really is a pioneer in his field!

I came in complaining of bloating, lower digestive and upper digestive pain. Dr. Kellman immedietly did test that no other dotor had done. He put me on many supplements and has slowly gotten rid of almost all of my issues. I am now treating the last of the problems causing my pain.

What makes us different?

We practice the art of integrative medicine, a fusion of conventional and functional medicine. By using the best of both disciplines, we craft a personalized treatment for each patient that yields incredible success.

Dr. Kellman is an expert in the microbiome, coined the term "Microbiome Medicine" and has practiced this approach for years, recognizing its vital role in health and chronic conditions.

Dr. Kellman, an expert in thyroid disease, utilizes the highly sensitive and precise TRH Stimulation Test to detect low thyroid more definitively. This test, often unknown and underutilized by other doctors, has transformed numerous lives by providing accurate diagnosis and treatment after years of suffering.

We implement advanced IV therapies, biological peptides, exosomes, IV ozone, UV therapy, and cutting-edge technologies like the Novothor Infrared Laser and the Magnesphere immersion systems to enhance energy, alleviate pain, aid weight loss, and rebalance the autonomic nervous system for relaxation and inflammation reduction.

Our personalized and predictive advanced testing, known as "scientific wellness," examines genetics, inflammatory markers, and unique indicators for optimized health. It offers unique options not found in other functional medical practices.

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