Dr. Raphael Kellman, the leader in microbiome medicine offers a revelatory guide to the gut-thyroid connection, with cutting-edge information and a 30-day Thyroid Rescue Program in his brand new book MICROBIOME THYROID.

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      Raphael Kellman, MD
      Founder of Microbiome Medicine
      Pioneer in Functional Medicine
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      Dr. Raphael Kellman, M.D.

      Dr. Raphael Kellman trained in internal medicine and is a premier functional doctor in New York City. He is  a true pioneer and thought leader within the functional and holistic medicine community, having over 25 years of experience.. He has written ten books on health including the first book on the microbiome, a revolutionary new field in medicine that harnesses the trillions of healing power of the bacteria in the gut, to resolve many chronic diseases, as well as to facilitate weight loss. He has also been a teacher and mentor to many other functional medicine practicitioners. His compassion for his patients and for all of humanity is at the heart of his approach to medicine and healing - he is guided by the words of the Talmud: "He who saves one life, saves the world entire.” “He who saves one life, saves the world entire.”

      Dr. Kellman is known for his ability to find the ROOT CAUSES of disease and uncover “WHY” you have been feeling so bad for such a long time.

      Symptoms often only represent just the tip of the iceberg, however Dr. Kellman's ability to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated symptoms, allows him to discover what lies beneath the surface - the underlying cause ofthe dysfunction.  Dr Kellman has treated countless numbers of people who have been suffering for years with complex, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed conditions. While his approach to the treatment of disease is grounded in Functional Medicine, which focuses care on optimizing the function of the body, Dr. Kellman goes beyond that, specializing in Foundational Medicine. Foundational Medicine is based on a deep understanding of the most important and foundational elements involved in the body’s innate ability to heal.  Personalized treatments include primarily non-pharmaceutical compounds and other non-medicinal therapies, as well as cutting-edge technologies to reverse the root causes of dysfunction and disease.

      Foundational Medicine leads to a more precise, hierarchical, and effective treatment, as well as a deeper and long-term sustained health.                    


      WHAT DISTINGUISHES dR. raphael KELLMAN's approach:


      1. Dr. Raphael Kellman is an expert in the microbiome, having coined the phrase "Microbiome Medicine."  The microbiome plays a vital role in all the physiological and metabolic functions in the body. Imbalances in the microbiome are often the root cause of many chronic conditions. Microbiome Medicine is an entirely new approach to health and healing, however Dr. Kellman has been practicing this approach to medicine for years, long before it became popular. 
      2. Dr. Kellman uses superior and sophisticated testing methods, which go beyond the “routine blood tests." This is a deeper level of data-informed testing, in fact it is an unequivocally new tier of testing! This advanced testing is personalized and predictive, allowing Dr. Kellman to look at genetics, infllammatory markers, as well as other unique indicators in a whole new way to optimize health and wellness, which we refer to as "scientific wellness." 
      3. Many of these testing options are not offered anywhere else, including other functional medical practices. 
      4. Dr. Kellman is also known to be an expert in thyroid disease. He uses the most sensitive and precise thyroid test available, which is called the TRH Stimulation Test, which can more definitively detect low thyroid. Untold numbers of people exhibit classic symptoms of low thyroid, yet they are told that their routine thyroid show nothing is wrong.  The TRH stimulation test is one that few doctors know about and nor use, and it has changed untold numbers of lives, by finally being accurately diagnosed and treated, thereby end often years of suffering.
      5. Dr. Kellman’s broad knowledge, healing intuition and vast treatment options are why people seek his expertise, even after seeing other functional medicine doctors without resolution of their symptoms.  The Kellman Wellness Center is often the last resort for many patients who have seen doctor after doctor, who have been unable to determine what is wrong with them. Many of our patients have suffered for years and even decades with chronic unexplained symptoms and come to us desperate for a solution. This is one of Dr. Kellman’s specialties.
      6. Dr. Kellman uses a wide range of cutting edge therapies such as advanced IV therapies, biological peptides, exosomes, IV ozone and UV therapy, as well as state-of-the-art technologies like the Novothor, which is an infrared, whole body laser used to improve energy, decrease pain and even aid with weight loss. The Magnesphere is a whole-body immersion system, which helps to rebalance the autonomic nervous system, thereby promoting relaxation, balance, as well as inflammation.
      7. Dr. Kellman's approach integrates every dimension of human health into its approach to health and healing.  Dr. Kellman understands that all the systems in our body are connected and as such, need to be treated not just at the physical level, but mentally, emotionally, as well as understanding the importance of meaning and purpose in our life. Our psychological and emotional health impact our physical health – things like adverse childhood experiences can have detrimental health effects on people well into adulthood.
      8. Dr. Kellman is focused on YOU, as a human being who may be suffering on multiple levels. His goal is to alleviate your pain and help you to heal all aspects of your overall health. Dr. Kellman offers a comprehensive, personalized, and customized approach to care, combined with extreme compassion and love for all human beings.
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      See What Our Clients Have to Say

      "Five stars from both my son — who suffers from lyme disease — and another five stars from me, who has been to over a dozen doctors for exhaustion and gastro problems due to food sensitivities."
      - Yelp User
      "I highly recommend Dr Kellman and his staff at the Kellman Center, especially if you are struggling with undiagnosed symptoms, auto-immune diseases, gut issues, thyroid problems, Chronic Fatigue or Lyme Disease."
      - Yelp User
      "Dr Kellman and his staff at the Kellman Center are incredibly caring and highly knowledgeable."
      - Yelp User
      "I’ve been going to Dr. Kellman for 3 years now."
      - Yelp User
      "I have been meaning to write you to express how much gratitude I have towards you and your staff. I don’t know if you know how much of an impact you have been to Devin and me. At the time I was a single mother with limited means and you always worked out an arrangement to accommodate me. I want to thank you for that, it meant the world to me."
      - YVETTE P. (excerpt of a letter)
      *Individual results may vary
      "Our son has been a patient at the Kellman Center since March 2016. Our son has Down Syndrome, hypothyroidism and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Right before our first appointment he had a major regression. After seeing Dr. Kellman – and by the grace of God, our son is now talking more, is potty trained and can understand and follow instructions very well. He has received awards from his school and was recently ‘student of the month.’ He is learning, socializing more and communicating his needs. He is also more forward and attentive. I also became a patient of Dr. Kellman. After our initial consultation and labs I began treatment for a long-existing illness related to my thyroid. I began taking supplements, getting B12 injections and receiving IV treatments. I am now on my way to living a healthy life."
      - CHARLENE R.
      *Individual results may vary
      "I started seeing Dr. Kellman after four years of seeing other doctors for headaches, chronic fatigue and severe joint pain. Traditional medicine had nothing to offer and most doctors repeatedly told me that nothing was wrong with me and that I was just stressed out. It was a very distressing time in my life because I did not feel well EVER. It has been only three months since I’ve started seeing Dr. Kellman and my symptoms have substantially improved. Dr. Kellman listens to every detail I bring forward and critically evaluates how to improve my health. I am looking forward to continuing on this path with him and I have full confidence that he is going to get me back to feeling like myself again."
      - DIANA B.
      *Individual results may vary
      "I came in complaining of bloating, lower digestive and upper digestive pain. Dr. Kellman immediately did tests that no other doctors had done. He put me on many supplements and has slowly gotten rid of almost all of my issues. I am now treating the last of the problems causing my bloating. I am feeling much better and everything given to me was natural which was important (my problems were caused from antibiotics – five years ago). I started seeing Dr. Kellman 15 months ago and my problems are now almost completely gone!"
      - ELLIE M.
      *Individual results may vary
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      Author of 10 Bestselling Books on Microbiome Health, Brain Health, Weight Loss, Thyroid Disease and more

      The Microbiome Breakthrough by Raphael Kellman, MD Gut Reactions - by Raphael Kellman, MD with Carol Colman Matrix Healing by Raphael Kellman, MD Microbiome Thyroid by Raphael Kellman, MD The Whole Brain by Raphael Kellman, MD The Microbiome Breakthrough by Raphael Kellman, MD Leaky Gut Syndrome & Digestive Function by Raphael Kellman, MD Hormone Balance & Thyroid Disease by Raphael Kellman, MD Unlocking Energy & Vitality In Men by Raphael Kellman, MD Microbiome Medicine - How Bacteria Can Cure Us by Raphael Kellman, MD
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