Sunetics Hair Growth Laser

Conveniently located to serve the areas of New York, NY

The Sunetics Hair Growth Laser uses Low-Level Laser Therapy to stimulate and heal hair follicles, which enables them to regrow hair. Sunetics is the ONLY FDA-approved hair loss treatment and has ZERO side effects.


The Science behind the Sunetics Hair Growth Laser is simple: laser light heals the follicle, which allows new hair growth. Studies show that low level laser therapy is able to:

  • Increase the production of ATP to energize & repair the weakened follicle
  • Increase blood circulation to the follicle
  • Increase nutrient acquisition by the follicle
  • Increase oxygen uptake and calcium ion mobilization
  • Increase the rate of removal of harmful DHT
  • Decrease follicular inflammation


Results from Sunetics Laser Therapy come in 3 stages.

  • Stage one: Patients see a reduction in excessive hair loss. This happens in 99% of patients.
  • Stage two: One existing hair gets thicker, fuller, shinier, and healthier as the follicle begins to heal.
  • Stage three: In the Third Stage, the miniaturized hairs begin to grow into thick, normal-sized hairs.

With the Sunetics laser treatment, there are no needles, no incisions, no need for anesthesia, and no recovery time. The treatment is convenient for most patients and only lasts 20 minutes. During treatments, you can read, work on your laptop, listen to music, or just relax. You may resume routine activities afterward as there is no downtime and no side effects.

The number of treatments needed varies widely for each individual. For most people, we recommend an initial course of 10-20 treatments once or twice a week to start. After that, we will assess how frequently touch-up sessions are required to maintain growth.