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Having trouble losing weight? Have you read every book and tried every diet program, without having long-term success? Could there be an underlying, undiagnosed health condition that could be contributing to your weight gain or your inability to lose weight?

Dr. Raphael Kellman’s microbiome diet gets to the root cause of your weight loss issues. Dr. Kellman combines the microbiome diet approach with highly effective treatments and therapies that will help you lose weight, increase your muscle-to-fat ratio, and increase energy.


Although TMS is FDA-approved to treat depression, a wide variety of clinical research is underway, looking at other applications for its use. Some practitioners, including the Kellman Wellness Center, are using it to successfully treat other conditions such as:

  • Promotion of weight loss: growth hormone is involved in blood sugar regulation, as well as the regulation of metabolism, therefore a boost in growth hormone levels naturally aids with weight loss.
  • Improved muscle-to-fat ratio: growth hormone stimulates the breakdown of fat, while at the same time stimulating an increase in the body’s lean muscle mass. Added muscle mass also increases metabolism and aids with weight loss.
  • Naturally anti-aging: growth hormone is crucial to cell regeneration and repair, which helps to slow the signs and symptoms of aging. It may also boost mood, energy, and immune function, as well as improve sleep.

Many people use human growth hormone (hGH), to achieve the same goal, however, it is very expensive and once you stop taking it, your growth hormone levels drop once again. Ipamorelin is a much more natural approach, as it stimulates your body to boost its own production of growth hormone.

Breakthrough medication

Wegovy is, quite simply, the most effective weight loss medication to be approved by the FDA. Patients lost 15-20% of their body weight in clinical trials.

Microbiome diet

A common, but often overlooked, root cause of weight issues is an imbalanced gut microbiome. Your gut contains trillions of symbiotic microorganisms, many living within the digestive tract. This includes both “good” bacteria, which are beneficial to us, as well as strains of pathogenic microorganisms, which if not kept in check, can be detrimental to our health.

The microbiome is crucial to our health, as it plays a significant role in our ability to appropriately digest and assimilate nutrients, as well as our metabolism and our ability to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, the microbiome likely plays a central role in obesity.


What is Wegovy?

Wegovy is an injectable prescription medicine used for adults with obesity (BMI over 30) or excess weight (BMI over 27) who also have medical-related medical problems to help them lose weight and keep the weight off. Wegovy should be used with a reduced-calorie meal plan and increased physical activity.

How does Wegovy work?

Wegovy works by mimicking a hormone that targets areas of the brain involved in regulating appetite and food intake. This can help you eat less, which can lead to weight loss.

How much weight have people lost taking Wegovy?

In a 68-week medical study of 1,961 adults living with obesity or excess weight with a related medical problem, adults lost ~35 lbs (or ~15% body weight). People taking a placebo lost an average of 6 lbs (or ~2.5% of body weight). The average starting weight for both groups was ~232 lbs.

How soon can I expect to lose weight with Wegovy?

People respond to medicines differently, so there is no set time for when you can expect to see results. At your appointment, we can discuss what might be a realistic expectation for you.

How often is Wegovy taken?

Wegovy is taken once a week, any time of day, with or without food.

Do I have to take Wegovy on the same day every week?

Yes, it’s recommended that you take Wegovy on the same day every week at a time that is most convenient for you.

Can I change the day or time when I take Wegovy?

Take Wegovy once a week, on the same day each week, at any time of the day. You may change the day of the week you take Wegovy as long as your last dose was given 2 or more days before.

So, what can negatively affect our microbiome?

Diet can play a major role in the maintenance of a healthy microbiome. Foods that cause inflammation can be detrimental to the microbiome, as inflammation disrupts the ability of the body to properly digest nutrients. Further, certain foods, namely sugar, aid in the proliferation of “bad” bacteria in the gut and the crowding out of the “good” bacteria. Proinflammatory foods include processed and packaged foods, which include added sugars, hydrogenated and trans fats, refined carbohydrates and processed grains, refined vegetable oils (i.e., corn, canola, and soybean), and conventional meats, poultry, and eggs which are high in proinflammatory Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as conventional dairy. Antibiotics, as well as other drugs, can also wreak havoc on the microbiome. The Microbiome Diet plan is, quite simply, “nature’s diet.” With millions of books sold around the world and stellar reviews from real people, The Microbiome Diet works. What’s more—it’s delicious and satisfying – you’ll never be hungry. Cravings diminish or even disappear. And no calorie counting! Not only will you lose weight, but with our microbiome-boosting plan, your energy and mood also improve.