Leaky Gut

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Are you suffering from constipation? Bloating? Gas? Diarrhea? Do you have Irritable Bowel, Colitis, Crohn’s, leaky gut, or anxiety? Or some combination of these symptoms? Or, perhaps you’re on medication but still don’t feel great. Leaky gut treatment at Kellman Wellness Center in NYC may be the solution you’re looking for.


The gut wall is our protection against pathogens. The microbiome maintains the gut wall. When the microbiome isn’t healthy, the gut wall begins to break down, leading to leaky gut syndrome and inflammation. And that inflammation is the root of virtually all diseases.

There are many reasons that the gut wall might weaken, including antibiotics taken years ago, ingested by eating poultry, or a host of other environmental toxins.

Gut-brain connection

Virtually all gastrointestinal disorders result from a microbiome that is devoid of the rich, varied species known to confer health benefits. Once the ecology is thrown off, holes and empty pockets allow for opportunistic and virulent strains to colonize and multiply over time. It can spark mood disorders, as well as a decline in cognition.

The gut and the brain are interconnected; the bacteria send messages back and forth. Most patients with leaky gut also suffer from anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, or other brain issues. We’ve now identified IBIB (“Irritable Bowel Irritable Brain”) as the two systems are interconnected. When we treat one, we treat the other.

Leaky gut treatment testing

When treating patients with gastrointestinal concerns, anxiety, or IBIB with leaky gut treatment, our first step is to study the function of the entire body and microbiome. We start with comprehensive testing that goes well beyond the standard.

  • DNA Testing
  • Stool Tests
  • Ion Tests
  • Comprehensive Blood Testing
  • TRH Stimulation Test

When we restore the proper bacteria and introduce certain natural compounds and treatments, we can repair the microbiome and other symptoms of leaky gut, anxiety, and so many health concerns.