Holistic Post-Chemo Cancer Treatment

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A MULTI-DISCIPLINARY WELLNESS PROTOCOL TO REGAIN HEALTH If you or a loved one has undergone cancer treatment and is now in remission, what comes next? How can you regain vitality and energy, and detox from the chemicals used in chemo or radiation? What foods should be incorporated, and which should be avoided? What are the best supplements? What measures can you take right now to reduce your chances of recurrence?

There is a lot of information available about treatments, nutrition plans, supplements, and more. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of confusion about which plans are best. We have put our decades of experience with post-chemo and radiation patients into a clinical program that addresses all symptoms and can reduce the chances of recurrence.

After chemotherapy radiation and other cancer treatments, patients complain of fatigue, pain, brain fog, gastrointestinal symptoms, and the all-too-common “chemo brain.” Our plan addresses all of these symptoms.


Our plan utilizes the latest evidence-based research. We assess your toxin, glucose, and insulin levels as well as your gastrointestinal and microbiome health. From there, we devise a food plan that gives you the nutrition that you need and eliminates any culprits that might be counter-productive.

Stress reduction / lifestyle improvements

Based on our advanced testing, we can now evaluate your Autonomic Nervous System, and how to precisely improve your ability to respond to stress in the healthiest way. Together we devise a plan that works for your particular situation.


We recommend specific vitamins, herbs, nutraceuticals, and other natural compounds that are proven to be successful in treating symptoms associated with chemotherapy and radiation.


Chemotherapy frequently affects hormones, especially the thyroid. We use extensive and precise thyroid testing (the TRH Stimulation test, as an example) to help identify if a thyroid problem is contributing to brain fog, fatigue, and memory issues.

Microbiome improvement

The latest research shows the profound connection between the trillions of gut bacteria and our ability to achieve and maintain optimal health. When the microbiome is adversely affected, it leads to gastrointestinal problems and neurological and cognitive dysfunction such as brain fog and anxiety. Targeted probiotics and prebiotics improve the microbiome and play a critical role in post-chemo detoxification. Our precise testing reveals exactly which bacteria strains and adjunct treatments are appropriate for you.

Chemo brain treatment / IV therapy

If you’re like most post-chemo patients, you probably feel like your memory isn’t as good as it was, or that you’re experiencing brain fog. Evidence shows that IV therapy of specific compounds will improve immune function, reduce free radicals, and help with detoxification.

Through our advanced testing and our knowledge of the effects of chemotherapy, we are able to use our many different therapies to reverse the all-too-common “chemo brain.” We use personalized IV therapy that is proven, through extensive research, to:

  • Remove toxins
  • Improve brain function
  • Reduce free radicals that accumulate from chemo and radiation

Some of the many compounds we use:

  • Glutathione—the most potent antioxidant found in the body.
  • Phenylbutyrate—research shows is not only a modality for cancer itself, but also reduces ammonia and other toxins, is a fuel for the brain and therefore improves “chemo brain” by reducing inflammation, and has been shown to turn on healthy genes that promote healing.
  • Vitamin C and other nutrients that you may be deficient in.

Meaning-based therapy

Through our guidance, expertise, and compassion, we help you experience more meaning in life and help you restore your optimistic outlook.

Together, these protocols act synergistically to bolster your health and get you back to feeling your best self—sometimes in as little as two to four weeks of treatment.

We look forward to meeting you and learning about your cancer history so that we can create your customized and comprehensive post-chemo protocol. We look forward to meeting you and learning about your cancer history so that we can create your customized and comprehensive post-chemo protocol.

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