Raphael Kellman, MD

Physician of Integrative and Functional Medicine

Raphael Kellman, MD, graduate of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, has been at the forefront of functional medicine. Inspired by his study of the philosophy of science as an undergraduate, Dr. Kellman has a broad and unique view of health and wellness. His understanding of functional and holistic medicine goes beyond many other practitioners in this space, as his approach is focused on the holistic unity of nature, as well as the health of humans on multiple dimensions, not just physical.

He pioneered a groundbreaking brand of medicine and healing called “Microbiome Medicine.” Dr. Kellman was the first doctor to recognize the profound importance of the microbiome and its link to all aspects of human health. Research and conventional medicine is only now catching up to this, however Dr. Kellman has been focused on the microbiome as a root cause of many chronic diseases, as well as a crucial factor in the reversal of these conditions, for many years.

Further, Dr. Kellman is world-renowned not only for his expertise in this area, but also for the superior testing that he offers at the Kellman Wellness Center. Specifically, the use of the deepest, most precise thyroid test, the TRH Stimulation Test. Thyroid disease is an epidemic, and millions of people often suffer for years without proper diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kellman’s expertise in this area, as well as the use of this superior testing, has been life-changing for many of his patients.

For many patients, finding Dr. Kellman is the culmination of years of seeing doctor after doctor for a number of unexplained symptoms seemingly without diagnosis. Dr. Kellman’s unique approach, which is focused on getting to the deeper root causes of symptoms, combined with the innovative testing offered at the Kellman Wellness Center, has allowed him to be able to accurately diagnose many of these patients, as well as effectively treat them.

Dr. Kellman truly believes that to fully heal the body, we must treat all aspects of human health, including the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. This is part of who he is and why he has such a positive effect on his patients and their ability to heal.

Dr. Kellman lives with his wife and two daughters in New York City. His deep love for his wife and his family gives meaning and purpose to the work that he does. His hope for his children is that his love and support for them will nurture their great abilities on their unique paths in life.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” – Albert Einstein