Hair Cell Growth

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Stimulate Hair Cell Growth Naturally with 300 Growth Factors. Hair loss can be an emotionally difficult part of the aging process. Both men and women can feel less confident and even devastated as they experience hair loss and thinning. The Kellman Wellness Center offers a completely new, scientifically proven approach to hair restoration.

Breakthrough in hair regeneration.

Evo Gro tackles the issues of hair loss on a cellular level, rather than using a chemical that might have unwanted side effects. Evo Gro is all-natural and uses a biological messenger that communicates between the body’s cells.

Using the same approach as Exosome Therapy, Evo Gro tackles hair loss on a cellular level. Evo Gro uses cells derived from Wharton’s Jelly, with over 300 growth and regrowth factors. These stem cells and growth factors in the placenta influence hair growth through cellular proliferation to prolong the anagen phase, induce cell growth, and stimulate hair follicle development.

The mechanism of Evo Gro is cell-to-cell communication; as more cells are created, the hair grows out of the skin and reaches the surface. This has been shown to play a central role in hair morphogenesis and regeneration.

This treatment is far superior to PRP and other hair restoration treatments.

A growth factor is a naturally occurring secreted protein capable of stimulating cell proliferation, wound healing, and cellular differentiation. Growth factors are important for regulating a variety of cellular processes and typically act as signaling molecules between cells.

In just one session, you may experience dramatic hair regrowth. Results vary widely based on follicle health, patient health history, stress, diet, hormone levels, and medications. Of course not everyone is a candidate for this treatment; our dedicated nurse practitioner will review your case to ensure that you can potentially benefit from this treatment. Most patients experience significant results after six months, the time it takes for a full cycle of hair follicle growth. Some patients opt for a second session, though many are very satisfied with just one treatment. We monitor your progress throughout the process and will make recommendations regarding additional treatments if needed.