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Unexplained Symptoms

Are you often tired after a seemingly good night’s sleep? Are their foods you once enjoyed, which now cause uncomfortable GI symptoms? Are you experiencing brain fog? Headaches? Light-headedness? Or inexplicable memory issues? Do you just feel “off” but can’t seem to explain the exact symptom you are feeling? Have you been to one doctor after another, as well as a battery of tests, only to be told nothing is wrong with you?

Does this sound like you?

If the answer is “yes” then we hear YOU! We are here to help you finally get not only the answers you deserve, but the solution.

It can be very frustrating to know something is off, but being unable to find the help you need. Or worse, being told nothing is know with you or that it is “all in your head.” 

Conventional medicine tends to look at health and healing from an individual system-level vantage point. 

You are dealing with unexplained headaches or dizziness, so you see a neurologist. 

You are suffering from diarrhea, gas or heartburn, so you see a gastroenterologist and so on. 

Each of these doctors’ orders a multiple of tests and in many cases, cannot pinpoint what is causing the symptom.

Dr. Kellman’s approach is vastly different, in that he looks at the body as a whole with all the systems, organs and cells interconnected. Many of his patients present with a variety of disparate and seemingly unrelated symptoms, which is why continuing to see different doctors for different symptoms often does not work.

Symptoms often only represent just the tip of the iceberg, however Dr. Kellman's ability to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated symptoms allows him to discover what lies beneath the surface - the underlying cause of the dysfunction.  

Dr Kellman has treated countless numbers of people who have been suffering for years with complex, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed conditions. His approach is rooted in Foundational Medicine, which is based on a deep understanding of the most important and foundational elements involved in the body’s innate ability to heal. 

Dr. Kellman’s broad knowledge, healing intuition and vast treatment options are why people seek his expertise, even after seeing other functional medicine doctors without resolution of their symptoms. He is often the last resort for many patients who despite seeing doctor after doctor, are still unable to determine what is wrong with them. 

Accurately identifying and treating unexplained symptoms is one of Dr. Kellman’s specialties.

Personalized treatments include primarily non-pharmaceutical compounds and other non-medicinal therapies, as well as cutting-edge technologies, which can actually change the reverse the root causes of dysfunction and disease.

Are you ready to finally stop feeling sick and get the answers you deserve?

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