Don’t fall through the cracks!

We hear it over and over. You go to the doctor because you have:

  • Inexplicable longstanding fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Gastro complaints
  • Weight gain
  • …or other symptoms

Your doctor does the typical testing, finds nothing is wrong and says you are fine. But deep down you feel that something is off. You may have even bounced around from doctor to doctor, only to be told your test results are “normal.” Your doctor might even tell you it’s “old age,” or a “slow metabolism.”

Does this sound familiar? Why is finding a proper diagnosis so frustrating? Medicine is failing people. You deserve better. We can do better.

Doctors are looking for “diseases.” But what too many are missing is that diseases are not disconnected things, but rather processes. When we administer the RIGHT tests – tests that even most holistic and functional doctors are missing – we are able to collect the dots that answer so many previously unexplained health questions. For certain issues, such as thyroid dysfunction (which can be a contributing factor in hundreds of illnesses), even functional doctors are not using the best test to uncover thyroid issues. Know this. The problem is not you; it’s the testing! The problem is really twofold:

  1. Routine tests are missing the mark
  2. The traditional medical paradigm fails so many people


Would you want to be overlooked? Would you want to fall through the cracks? That is not what we want for you. Diagnoses are made when none could be detected previously. The unexplainable is explained and we enable you to resume life with vigor and a zest for living.

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