Prolon diary – cycle 1

Spring has sprung. Flowers are in bloom, people are shedding their parkas, scarves, and boots. For most, this is a time of joy, re-birth, and happiness. For me, it’s pure dread. I am not ready to show skin! Panicked, I started researching my options to shed those unwanted 10 pounds that slowly crept their way onto my hips, one seemingly innocent handful of popcorn at a time. Apps, programs, challenges, fasting, points, gyms. The choices are plentiful and dizzying.

But, what is most effective? What will actually work?

I had heard about the “Fast-Mimicking Diet” from Sandra Mackenzie, the new Physician Assistant at the Kellman Wellness Center. Sandra had many patients who had used the program with great success. What’s more, she provides customized meal plans, coaching and support, and a host of fat-blasting IV’s and technology-based treatments. Accountability, multiple avenues for success AND all of the benefits of fasting without actually fasting? I was sold.

I brought my Prolon Kit home, excited to get going. Even though I wanted to start immediately, I waited until I had a relatively quiet week with no social events on the agenda. While I waited, I read up on the many benefits of a fast-mimicking diet, primarily:

  • Improvement and rejuvenation of the immune system
  • Elimination of pre-cancerous cells
  • Decrease in fat tissue
  • Decreased oxidative stress
  • Increased gene expression to promote longevity
  • Better mental performance
  • Improvement in fasting glucose levels

Wow! And to think I only wanted to lose ten pounds!

Finally, the appointed day arrived. Here’s how it went for me:


Woke up, had my black tea (you can have black coffee but I prefer tea) and held off on my nut bar breakfast until almost noon. It was delicious. And filling. I was psyched about the rest of the week. Early in the afternoon, I prepared the tomato soup. Not my favorite, but it was fine. I made it on the thin side thinking it would stave off the hunger longer. I worked through the afternoon and forgot all about my cute little snack pack of salty olives, which was very much appreciated. Dinner was another soup and some delicious kale crackers (seriously, I would buy a couple of boxes of them). Felt fine! Dessert was a small chocolate crunch bar. (Well, they call it a bar, but it was more like a little square. Either way, it was very good.)


Tuesday’s box wasn’t as chock full of snacks as Monday’s as there is a further calorie reduction after the first day. Again, a nut bar and two different soups. The quinoa soup was particularly nice, and dare I say “hearty.” I did feel a little headachy by mid-afternoon but another black tea and 10 minute nap did the trick. Dinner again, was a soup. I saved it for 8:00pm so I wouldn’t feel hungry going to bed. Felt fine!


I’ll be honest, this was a hard day. I had heard that this is quite common. I was determined to power through, as I had also read that after day three, days four and five are a breeze. Had my soups, had my olives. Feeling lightheaded, I added an apple and some hummus. Still felt very fatigued and dizzy. I called Sandra, the PA at the Kellman Center, who assured me that this was my body’s way of detoxing and to stick with it!! (So glad I called – I probably would have bailed at that point.)

Thursday and Friday

Still a little tired, but Sandra was right. These two days were much easier. It helped that I was working from home and didn’t have any gym classes or anything else on the schedule. (Ok, I’ll own up to one cheat on Thursday – some yogurt and berries.) I’m sure I messed up on the ketosis, but overall I felt good, and – yes scale did give me a nice result!

Admittedly, it wasn’t easy. But I’m already looking forward to my next cycle!

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