The Microbiome Diet and the Power of Peptides

Lose weight, lose fat, eliminate cravings, increase muscle—and feel great. Our science-based weight loss program combines the Microbiome Diet with powerful peptides and has been proven to accelerate weight loss, break down belly fat, eliminate cravings and feel your very best…naturally. The Microbiome Diet is, quite simply, “nature’s diet.” With millions of books sold around the world, and stellar reviews from real people, The Microbiome Diet works. What’s more—it’s delicious and satisfying – you’ll never be hungry. Cravings diminish or even disappear. And no calorie counting! Not only will you lose weight, but with our microbiome-boosting plan, your energy and mood also improve. In addition to this proven, natural food, microbiome diet meal plan, we then amp your results with PEPTIDES. These small proteins accelerate weight loss, and provide many powerful functions:

  • Peptides target fat cells and break down fat
  • They’re especially effective at breaking down belly fat
  • Peptides help increase metabolism
  • They stimulate protein production—a large component in lean muscle
  • They give the cells energy
  • Peptides also have anti-aging properties

In some cases, Dr. Kellman will also prescribe additional FDA-approved weight-loss medications to further increase your results. Just a few of the hundreds of reviews of The Microbiome Diet:

  • “Severe skin issues gone, down 3 belt notches, bloating gone, edema in extremities and face gone, people actually compliment my skin which is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you sir! You have worked a miracle in my life.”
  • “Week one and 7 lbs down and not hungry so all good!”
  • “AMAZING. I don’t dream about food or plan my next meal while I’m still eating this one. I’m fuller faster. I don’t even finish my meals most of the time. It’s incredible. I’ve lost 15 lbs in 7 weeks, haven’t used my inhaler in the past month and have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. Yay!”
  • Once I understood the reasons for the eating plan, the weight just came off, practically effortlessly. I have more energy and I even sleep better now. This makes sense!!

This powerful three-pronged approach can help you reach your weight loss goal and restore your energy and vibrancy. This approach WORKS. We’ve seen it firsthand in countless patients. The plan is so naturally delicious, and so effective at eliminating carb and sugar cravings that it becomes a new way of life.

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NOTE: Some patients who have difficulty losing weight also have symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, sluggish metabolism, anxiety, and moodiness. If you suffer from even one of these symptoms, there might be a thyroid issue as well. Dr. Kellman is recognized as an expert in all thyroid disorders, as well as more accurate testing methods. Even if routine tests have shown your thyroid to be “normal,” our tests might reveal that there actually is a thyroid problem.

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