The (new) lyme disease protocol

Lyme is a complex disorder that requires a multi-pronged approach. There are always multiple levels of any illness. Especially in the case of Lyme and other serious infectious diseases, we must dig deep and treat accordingly. With our unique protocol, we have helped thousands of Lyme patients.

When our protocol is completed, there is little left to heal.

The number of new cases each year of Lyme disease is over 300,000. For Lyme and other infectious diseases, unless treated early, people risk getting sick in ways that impact the entire body. Physicians are seeing immune system reactions in ways never seen before. Healing approaches must extend beyond the traditional treatment with antibiotics. These simply do not cure except in the first fourteen to twenty-one days of infection. Adults and children who spend time outdoors need to be on alert. The consequences of this infectious disease can be catastrophic.


Why is Lyme Disease expanding? It can be contracted anywhere, although living in the Northeast and upper Midwest increases the likelihood of being bitten by an infected tick. Travelers carry the infected tick; with more people traveling to different regions, we are literally spreading the tick danger zones. Also, longer seasons of tick activity (due to climate change) increased human exposure significantly.

Can Lyme disease be treated successfully? When discovered within the first three weeks in an otherwise healthy individual, Lyme can be treated successfully with a round of anti-microbial compounds. But many don’t know they’ve been infected. However, people can still be treated successfully with advanced protocols and the newest forms of functional medicine.

Are severe cases of Lyme increasing? Yes, because it is missed in these early stages.

What happens if Lyme is left untreated? Physicians see a dramatic autoimmune response, unlike any ever seen. The patient may experience neurological damage, including facial paralysis, cardiac disease, severe arthritis-like symptoms. The longer the disease goes untreated, the worse the symptoms.

What is the Kellman Protocol? Based on the newest, most cutting-edge extension of Functional Medicine, we are able to heal in ways only available recently. Our methodology includes:

  • Our ability to harness the activated autoimmune response of Lyme (and other infectious diseases)
  • Ability to harness the power of the gut to heal the body and the brain (and not just the gut)
  • Breakthrough methodology to treat the endocrine system, specifically the thyroid
  • Application of profoundly powerful “microbiome medicine,” (which Dr. Kellman founded)
  • Pioneer use of intra-muscular thymus treatment

“By the time we have completed our distinct treatment, there is little, if anything, left to heal.”

If two people are bitten by an infected tick, why is that one person gets Lyme and the other does not?

The answer lies in the vulnerability (or not) of the host. The body of the healthy person responds to anti-microbial compounds with no further problems. For a compromised person, the body is burdened with a dysfunctional ecology of bacteria, a dysfunctional gut, thyroid and weakened immune system, to begin with. Co-infections may exist. This is why diseases take hold – and why people are more susceptible to disease overall. Powerful restraints on the body’s ability to heal prevent the body from functioning (and healing) optimally.

What are the primary issues which make one vulnerable to Lyme Disease? The primary issues accounting for the vulnerability of the host are:

  • dysfunctional gut microbiome
  • weakened the immune system
  • a thyroid component

Why is healing the gut microbiome so important in healing Lyme? The gut feeds the body and heals the body. Seventy-five percent of the immune system resides in the gut. If the gut is weakened, chances are that your immune system is weakened and so is its ability to fight infections and heal inflammation. By healing the gut, we make great progress in rebuilding the immune system. Gut microbiome issues arise when the “scaffolding” in the gut (which maintains the health of the body) has broken down. We need to repair that infrastructure. Even those who believe they have a good diet have no idea of the size of the toxic load they carry in their gut. Refined food, pesticides, antibiotics, antibiotic- fed poultry, proton inhibitors (ironically, used to reduce stomach acid) accumulate to create a toxic pool. This wears down the gut wall and allows toxins to break through and enter the bloodstream. Inflammation and an autoimmune response ensue. The more toxins, the larger the pool and the greater the inflammation and autoimmune response.

Is the protocol the same for each Lyme patient? At the Kellman Center, our testing of the gut bacteria and other related issues to infectious diseases, we are able to map out the causations afflicting each individual. For our Lyme (and other) patients we define their best version of a microbiome diet and protocol. Even with some basic dietary changes, the patient will begin to heal.

Why is the Kellman Center renowned for treating the thyroid? By utilizing the TRH (Thyroid Stimulation Test) we are able to identify dysfunctions missed by other functional medicine doctors and certainly overlooked by routine testing. Endocrine disruptors caused by chronic stress or toxins present in skincare, household cleaning products, etc. do not need to be at a high level to disrupt the balance of thyroid hormones in an individual. Any imbalance will have a greater impact on a Lyme patient. With the TRH, we see results unlike any ever seen. These imbalances are missed by many doctors. Now, with a treatment of bioidentical thyroid hormones, the Lyme patient is even further along towards healing.

What about antibiotics? We have been programmed to believe that repeated rounds of antibiotic treatment, even IV therapy, is the way to heal Lyme. Why then are patients ill for so long and why are they not healed? Antibiotics are only a part of the solution, and only for early cases of Lyme. The consequences of long-term use of antibiotics can be devastating. We know about the creation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Overuse of antibiotics in children can create (sometimes fatal) diarrhea. Overuse can manifest as colitis, a very severe GI disorder. If a healthy gut is essential to well-being and to the treatment of chronic infections including Lyme, there is no wisdom in treating with antibiotics which ruin the gut. The Kellman Protocol for treating Lyme and other autoimmune diseases is scientifically proven – even for longstanding chronic Lyme Disease.

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