Matrix Healing

Discover Your Greatest Health Potential Through the Power of Kabbalah.


Kabbalah is a form of Jewish mysticism dating back to the first century bc. It consists of meditative, devotional, mystical and magical practices which were taught only to a select few. Today, particularly in the US, people are turning to these ancient teachings to find meaning and substance in their lives. Celebrities such as Madonna, Guy Richie, Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger, Ruby Wax, are followers, and the likes of Deepak Chopra and John Gray readily acknowledge the powerful and profound messages of enlightenment kabbalistic principles offer. Many of the books currently available today focus on the philosophy behind Kabbalah – but this book, written by a physician who has devoted many years to the study of alternative, holistic medicine – attempts to bring to a wide audience the secret of how best to create healthy, prosperous and joyous lives. Locating Kabbalah in the context of modern science, this accessible and practical guide outlines basic principles, the six keys to physical and spiritual healing and numerous exercises to help deal with specific health problems.

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